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October 1, 2014

Paul "Ripples Guy" Wesselmann

Since 1990, Paul has worked with hundreds of organizations to create dynamic presentations that inspire and inform.

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Programs / Event Planning
This page contains several pieces of information to help you prepare for a phenomenal event! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything else!

A/V Checklist

___ wireless lapel microphone (for audiences of 75+)
___ sound system with extra line (for music)
___ data/lcd projector (1024x768 res/1200 lum) with cart/extension cord
___ LARGE screen (for powerpoint)
___ 2 sturdy easels with newsprint (for audiences up to 75)

Speaker Photographs
If you would like to use a photograph of Paul, you can simply download high-resolution, ready-to-print images by right-clicking (control click on Macs) these thumbnails.  Need black and white?  Just let me know and we'll get them for you!

If you would like something longer, or more specific to your group, please contact me.

Paul Wesselmann makes his home in Cincinnati, Ohio where he operates his speaking and training company Stone Soup Seminars. Each Monday morning, Paul distributes an inspirational email, Ripples, that offers inspiration and practical motivation to over 30,000 subscribers around the country. Paul holds degrees in psychology and higher education and in addition to his work on several college campuses, his adventures include having been a support group facilitator, volunteer coordinator, radio talk show host, and his college mascot.

Our speaker today joins us from Cincinnati, Ohio,
and is known as THE RIPPLES GUY,
to his 5,000 Facebook friends
and the 30,000 people around the world
who receive his weekly inspirational emails.

Paul Wesselmann holds degrees in
Besides giving talks for schools, non-profits,
and businesses around North America,
and his adventures include having been a
college student affairs practitioner,
volunteer coordinator,
radio talk show host, and
a college mascot.

Please help me welcome, Paul Wesselmann.
(please notify Paul in advance of any changes you make to this introduction)

Quick Splash...
Paul's Pick
Join Me
by Danny Wallace (Penguin, NY). This is an easy and fun read! Danny tells his tale of posting a newspaper ad that asks, quite simply, “Join Me!” Dozens, and then hundreds, and yes THOUSANDS of people eventually join him before he has decided exactly WHY he wants them to join him. I don’t think it will spoil the story to tell you that he ends up creating a “karma army;” you really need to read HOW and WHY he makes his decisions. Ripply, indeed! You can also visit the Join Me website.