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October 1, 2014

Paul "Ripples Guy" Wesselmann

Since 1990, Paul has worked with hundreds of organizations to create dynamic presentations that inspire and inform.

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Resources / Program Materials
Please enjoy these presentation materials. If you encounter any problems downloading, or cannot find something, please take a moment to contact me and I will update this page as soon as possible.

Presentation Slides

If you click on the presentation title, you can advance through the presentation slides using the directional images at the bottom of the slides.

Leadership & the Art of Stone Soup

Reaching Out
: Achieving Higher Levels of Interpersonal Effectiveness

Reaching In: GREAT Actions for Success in Work & Life

Other Presentations

Your Leadership Mountain: Strategies for a Successful Ascent

Archeology of Passion: Excavating Your Enthusiasm for Work & Life

Bonding With Paperwork: Time Management for Busy People

Revving Up the Troops: Fighting Apathy with Artful Motivation and Effective Delegation

Saving Your Sanity: Preventing Burnout & Managing Stress

Opportunities in Transformation: Exploring the Possibilities When Change Lands in Your Life

Unit of One: Entrepreneurial Thinking in Small & Large Organizations

Passport to Success: Techniques for Connecting with Others

Bringing it All Together:  Thoughts for the Ride Home (Conference Closing)

More Goodies

These are some goodies that developed and/or assembled for previous presentations. Take a peek....

Trainer Resources
If you are a trainer, you'll want to peek at these goodies I use in"Crouching Trainer, Hidden Learner."

Diversity Trainer Resources
These activities help initiate the often difficult and important conversations about diversity.

Quote Slides
These inspirational images/quotes scroll on the screen before my presentations begin.

1st Year Advice
I asked several hundred people what advice they would give to first year college students. Awesome responses!

Chit Chat 101

Summary of the Networking & Small Talk Skills workshop.

Original Ripples Pack

A list of 60 inspirational quotes.

Say No!
This is a quick summary of the steps to saying NO, and several different ways to say NO and mean it!

Straight Talk
Materials from homophobia workshop.
Quick Splash...
Paul's Pick
This charming French film is the story of a shy waitress who, upon returning a long-lost childhood treasure to a former occupant of her apartment, decides to set out on a mission to make others happy. But can she find happiness for herself, too? Ah, to find out you must see this movie which happens to be my absolute favorite film of all time.